Standardized Process

Twin Screw


In order to manufacture high-quality and consistent products, we use high-tech equipment and comply with systematic practices in our production and quality control processes.

With the aid of our up-to-date laboratory facilities, incoming raw materials are thoroughly screened through systematic approaches to ensure maximum quality of our products. Standardized process implementations are observed from incoming raw materials screenings, production processes to end-product outgoing controls to ensure consistency in our products. We strive to give our customers hassle-free solutions not only by utilizing our high-tech equipment, but also by maximizing our workmanship.


Masterbatch must be carefully formulated so as to be compatible with the polymer carrier resin in the process that follows and also to be functional in the end-product. The formulation also must take into consideration the specifications and requirements agreed with the customer.

Our strength is our knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of the raw materials used in our products and of the materials and application for which our product is intended. Combined with our up-to-date equipment that we constantly modernize in order to keep up with the demand and remain competitive, our main objective is to provide the highest customer satisfaction level possible.